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'Yoga Bellies' Prenatal Yoga DVD GO BACK

Yoga Bellies is a fresh, modern yoga DVD especially designed to meet the needs of pregnant mums to be.

The DVD consists of a series of yoga poses which offers safe and effective techniques to follow, throughout the course of your pregnancy.

Designed by renowned Sunshine Coast, yoga teacher Amy Corcoran, along with mother of three Adele Evans, this DVD brings you a unique prenatal yoga DVD, to do at your leisure.

The DVD has been filmed in and around Noosa, one of Queenslands jewels, in Australia, forming a lovely backdrop. Yoga Bellies is easy to watch, and takes you into a state of meditation and relaxation, ready to strengthen, and balance the body.

When your body is well balanced, energy is awakened, and flows freely, passing the nourishment, onto your baby. Pregnancy is a special time of change, and transformation, not only for the body, but your life.

Yoga Bellies empowers you to adjust to the inner, and outer challenges and changes, helping prepare for birth.

Here is what others have to say about the "Yoga Bellies" prenatal yoga DVD.

"Yoga Bellies is a fabulous and safe opportunity to nuture and respect your pregnancy
building sound foundations for birth and beyond."

Skye Mcleish, Noosa Osteopath

"Visually stunning. An empowering, deep, true yet calming film that will stretch you mind, body
and spirit. This DVD is a valuable resource for all pregnant women. It will help them connect
with themselves, their babies and the inner peace needed on this amazing journey in becoming
a mother. Thanks for helping me love my pregnancies and births and the role I play as mum."

Rebecca Colefax, Mum, B.Sc. and Kiteboarding World Champion.

I am a midwife and one of my clients used the DVD throughout her pregnancy and loved it, I'm now pregnant myself and have borrowed it from her to try.  I love the short sections that allow you to choose what will suit from one day to the next.  The best yoga video I've come across for pregnancy, AND it's Australian!  Great work!
I will be recommending it to clients and friends.

Kind regards, Jotara Worland

Dear Amy,

My wife's baby turned to breech at 37 weeks having been fine for most of the pregnancy. We watched your video and after doing some of the exercises for just 3 days the baby had turned! My wife was so relieved and so was I as we only realised it had got into the proper position when we got to the hospital for an ECV procedure with little hope and probably a caesarean in the offing.  Thank you very much

James & Naomi Sherwood



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