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Yoga classes in Sunrise Beach, Noosa and surrounding areas.
We offer personal yoga sessions as well as yoga therapy and group classes in a safe and supportive environment. 
There is no competition in yoga. We encourage you to work to your own capabilities, listen to your body and allow yourself to be guided by your breath and intuition. 
Each class includes flowing asanas (yoga postures) combined with pranayama (breathwork) and concludes with a guided relaxation.
Please email us here for bookings and assistance and info on YOGA RETREATS or call us on
Yoga in its simplest form can be explained as the union of body, mind and spirit for total wellbeing. It enables us to feel fully alive and aware.
By following a series of postures (asanas) and breath control (pranayama) blood is oxygenated, muscles are stretched, the mind is calmed, and the spirit enlivened.
Yoga can be practised by people of all shapes and sizes, ages and degrees of flexibility.
Yoga has many benefits including increased energy, improved posture and muscular structure, strengthened immune system, reduced stress, improved flexibility to name a few! On a deeper level yoga provides a means to cultivate inner peace, contentment and harmony. More that just a physical exercise, it is a means to realise your true self.
Personal Yoga class: Thanks again for the session today Amy; I feel very soft, relaxed and clear. I feel that it has helped to change the way I think about my practice as well as dissolve some mental and physical blockages. It also gave me a new perspective on some of the standard postures. It was nice to be able to achieve this in a way that was focussed but still 'light' -  I got a lot out of it, so thank you!
Best Wishes, Mark :-)
Yoga is and means many different things to people, but I can tell you this for certain, I've been attending Amy's Yoga Classes for the last 4 years, before, during and after the birth of my two children, and they are the BEST I've ever been to. Why is she so good you might ask, I guess.....you just know when you've met an Angel, and the more you are with her the more she'll enrich you soul. But don't take my word for as it was only last week after one of Amy's classes in Noosa, a woman whom I'd never meet turned to me and said " Now that's Amy's moved from Noosa to Byron Bay, have you found anyone else as good as her...my answer quite simply was no".So if you don't take advantage of her exceptional talent....we'll have her back up here thanks! Beck
Yoga with Amy, I still think about yoga with Amy when I think of deep relaxation. There was something so forgiving about the way Amy teaches, it's like it's oklay if you can't do the posture perfectly, it's okay if you only feel like moving your body this way instead of another way. I loved my yoga experience with Amy and loved the feeling I had long after the class. Annie
I've been doing yoga for about 20 years and have had many different teachers...but Amy's classes are the best! Amy's classes encourage strength, suppleness and centred peace which is enhanced by her intuitive and loving nature. Her classes always seem to tap into what the collective class group need for that session and everyone comes out beaming and smiling.  Amy's classes are joyful bliss! Sam


Beach Yoga

Sunrise beach


Hatha Yoga

Sunrise studio

Sunrise Beach Yoga Studio
(all mats and props provided)
Sunrise Beach Yoga on the beach
6am-6.50am (access 36)
Bring towel and (optiona)l togs
Casual studio class $15
Casual beach yoga $10
Private class $80 (includes 2 x yoga Cds)
For bookings, individual classes or more information:
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